Ovation Applause Ukulele Review

This time let’s talk about a brand in specific.

If there is a way to describe these ukuleles is “hard to get“.

Yes, these ukuleles are actually really trendy and to get your hands on one of these instruments became kind of difficult. This brand started as an acoustic guitar and special mandolins trademark, but as the market changed, they did to.

Q:But what makes them so special?

A:The price!

They took their target to look a lot more expensive as their real price.

If you check their models in guitars, what you can expect is very nice models, really fancy with their designs that will look like the most amazing instrument you can get your hands on.


In the case of their famous ukulele model, the “UAE20” is also what many people would call it a piece of work. We will check it in detail here and see what is really up to with this ukulele.

But first, let’s see a little bit about the Ovation Company.

The most important thing you need to know, is that it was bought by Fender Guitars and that their famous models use resonance at the sides of the instruments with some holes, instead of the classic acoustic guitar with the center resonance hole at the middle.

Second most important thing is, they lost popularity when they were bought for a second time by Drums Workshop.

Even with that said, people that play the uke seriously  or professionally,  play with an Ovation ukulele and that’s what we will look at now.


Ovation Applause Ukulele UAE20
A quick check just with the name, I love it! Ovation Applause sounds like you will get a piece of cloud to play with. Well, getting with the real details now.

I think the best way to look at it, is seeing the characteristics of this ukulele and after that checking which pros and cons you can be able to see and hear with it.

So join me checking in a ukulele that lot of people is talking about and to find why it’s the weapon of choice for many ukulele players.


You will find it easily that the shape of this ukulele model is like a classic Ovation guitar, but Tiny!

It’s a soprano ukulele like no other definitely in every way. Their material, wood, resonance, sound, model, shape and colors are not exactly as a classic ukulele.

Starting with the material, the body is made with Lyrachord composite, which is very popular of this brand in specific.

This material isn’t wood, actually I’m not entirely sure what is it, but of what I know is a petroleum derivate used to make solid shapes.

Derivates of petroleum used in instruments it’s not as weird as it may sound by the way and actually what you can expect is a bright sound coming out of it.

The wood used for the fingerboard it’s also typical for acoustic guitars, it is made with a Spruce top.

The sound that it’s perceptible with it, is between warm and bright. Meaning, you would have a balance between high tones and deep tones that will cause more a sweet smooth sound.

This mixed with the Lyrachord composite body will make kind of a balance so the sound of the instrument will be exactly like I said, balanced (smooth). It will not have a rough attack when playing the strings and the resonance will be maintain in a medium style while you play.

But also, will not have so much sound coming out of it because of this smooth sound.

To fix this or also to balance it (it’s quite a very thought ukulele), the resonance chamber is modified from the classics.

As I said before, the hole is not in the middle. To bring the body to vibrate and causing the chamber to be louder, the make several holes at the right and left part of the body of the ukulele with three sizes.

The big ones will be used to let pass to lower notes, the medium ones will be for medium tones and the little ones are for high notes.

With this they lower the brightness of the Lyrachord composite and bring the lower notes also into presence to cause the special sound that Ovation instruments have.

As decoration, it has two leaves at the body. One at the left side and the other one at the right one.

The pegs are red painted and the body has a dark grey color. This is completely for presence and to give the classic Ovation look.

Up of the body, you can find the tuning and EQ system of the ukulele. It’s a basic one as just any other electro acoustic ukulele.

Now, beside of what you can expect from this instrument as said before. It’s important to see what is the good differences between this ukulele against others. As you could already saw before, it has a lot of aspects that brings the difference in this ukulele. So, let’s check them out.

  • Completely different sound: Yes, it’s a soprano ukulele and it will sound like one. But, the tone that you will hear it’s not as a normal soprano ukulele. If you have the opportunity to hear two ukuleles at the same time, make sure one is an ovation, so you can really appreciate the difference of sound it has.
  • Cool design: Well, for many people is. I can’t actually say that everybody will love the design, as any other thing in life. Some people will like it and some will not. But in general, there is a lot of people that find the design of this ukulele quite special (in my opinion, is nice, but not to say wow!)
  • Professional instrument for a fair price: This is what I would say the biggest deal about it. For the price, you get a high-end instrument and to be honest, the price is cheap compared to other high-end ukuleles.
  • Rare instrument: There are not so many of these ukuleles out there. There are a lot of people wanting them, but as long as I know it’s really hard to find a new one nowadays. Even if you look for a second-hand Ovation ukulele it will be hard to get. So, keep checking regularly pages as musiciansfriend.com to find if they have one more in stock. It’s a high demand instrument so it runs out quickly. And if you do manage to have one, you will have something not so many people have and I find that pretty cool actually.
Let’s check the cons of it, because as any other instrument, it’s not perfect and it will not be for everybody. With that said, cons I’ll mention are also part of personal opinion, because I can’t say that 100% of the things I’m about to say are right for everybody.

  • Cheesy style of ukulele: It’s a nice detail that it has this classic Ovation design. But, over the years, this design has been used in many guitars and string instruments that I don’t find it special anymore. I find it more like a cheesy design as I said before. Why?  It looks kind of the guitar of Miley Cyrus when she was Hannah Montana. Of course, if you like that, then go for it!
  • Too hard to get: There are many ukuleles out there. It’s not the only one with a good price and that is good for a low price. You will have to really search for it and you have to think if it’s really worth it taking so much time finding one instead of buying another ukulele kind of similar and for a similar price.
  • Doesn’t sound as a classic soprano ukulele: This can be good or bad, it depends on your taste. But it’s good to include it to let you know. Of course, you can play with it exactly the same songs as with another soprano ukulele, but you will find a difference of sound and it comes up to you if you like this or not.
Finally, I will like to give my personal opinion about this product. It’s a nice and well-made ukulele, but it’s not an ukulele that I find “cool” for my personal taste. I love to collect ukuleles and it would be the only real reason for me wanting to have one. But after that… not so much. There are some other ukuleles that are more special for me. I’m a big fan of Spain ukuleles and Hawaiian ukuleles too. I don’t think it sounds bad or anything like that, but I think it has become more a “thing” to have one as for how good it is.

Thank you again for reading one of my articles and hope that you enjoy it. Please let me know if you have any question or if you have another mind about what I say here. I’m always glad to hear from other ukulele players or people interested in this amazing instrument.

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