The Best Microphones for Recording Ukulele


When it comes to recording, every beginners first question is:

“What’s the best ukulele microphone?”

Well this is a bit tricky…

The real question is

“Do i need a microphone or a plug?”

An ukulele is a tricky little gadget that has to be tamed in order to record well. You can only find out by experimenting but here are a couple of tips I found out on the way.

In most cases a microphone is the best way to pick up the best tone of your ukulele. If you are taking the first steps in recording your songs, any single and simple microphone will work.

Usually a small-diapragm condenser microphone would make wonders for your uke. When I started recording for the first time in high-school my teacher recommended me the Shure SM57 of which we will speak below.

While recording i found out that you can get the best sound tone if you place your microphone 2 foot away from the fret and angled towards the neck of the uke. You can try different positions but this is what works best for me at the moment

  1. Shure SM57 Microphone

So lets speak about the SM57 – if you are interested in this guy it will set you back around 100$ but you cant fail with it. The mic usually comes with a zipper pouch that offers a little cushioning. You also get a microphone clip that can help you stabilize it.

The microphone is mostly made out of metal which makes it very durable and on the top of the mic there is a bit of plastic.

What i like about it is that the microphone is very durable and if you drop it you wont have any problems with it. I remember watching a video where a bus runs over the mic and it’s still working. This gives it a nice bonus to people with two left hands.

Overall this a great microphone to have on you at all times for recording. It’s not expensive and the quality of the sound is excellent.

If the SM57 is too expensive, you can check:

  2.AKG Perception 170

What i like about this low cost small diaphragm condenser microphone is that it’s very affordable and you can get a decent recording session out of it anytime.

As SM57 it comes with a clip but unfortunately they do not provide a pouch for it.

With a cardioid pattern, this is the best solution for a home studio/professional to record stereo without breaking bank.

It also specialises in recording instruments rich in high frequency. If you do a lot of fingerpicking on your uke, this might be the guy to solve your problems.

It has countless positive reviews and it doesn’t seem to fail a lot of people.

  3.iRig Pro

So lets talk about budget..

Are you stacked with money? Well.. you’re going to love iRig Pro.

This is the most interesting product we can have hands on. The sound is really good and it can be cleaned up pretty well with apps like ToneStack and JamUp.

If you are a Apple fan, you are going to love it. It’s very easy to connect to iPhones, iPads, and Macs

This model solves many issues we had with first-gen iRig Acoustic. Things like it being overdriven by the low supply voltage and the crosstalk.


  • 24-bit audio
  • Sample rate of up to 96kHz

The best thing that comes out if it is isolation from background noise that you would get in normal circumstances. This is one of the most improved products from IK Multimedia that we got over the years.

 Final Note

At last, the whole microphone quality depends on your budget ( and your passion ). 

If you just started your journey with the uke and just want to record songs for friends and family, just do it with your phone. A cheap microphone won’t make any difference. 

If you are already playing for some time and you want to impress some people with your performance, just choose one of the 3 we just reviewed and try it out.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and don’t forget to check the rest of our topics. I’m pretty sure they will be of help for you.

Rachel Wave
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